Welcome Notes

Please come and join the global dairy community in Tel Aviv next year for the premier event on the dairy calendar. The IDF World Dairy Summit provides an irreplaceable opportunity for knowledge and networking in all aspects of the dairy chain.

The Israeli organising Committee is working hard to create an attractive and innovative program that promises to educate and challenge our thinking on the opportunities and issues faced by the dairy sector. It will be a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to both global and local perspectives. In 2014 your future really will begin in Tel Aviv.

Jeremy Hill
IDF President
The Israel National Committee and the Israel Dairy Board will host the IDF World Dairy Summit in Tel Aviv from October 27 to October 31, 2014. In this age of globalization, it is needless to say that future dairy requires cooperation among international societies to deal with the problems of food supply and demand, feeds, environment, energy, and livestock's prevention of disease and welfare.

The IDF World Dairy Summit 2014, with a theme of "The Future Begins Here”, aims to
contribute towards dealing with the problems in the global dairy sector, while allowing for active discussion regarding industrial technology and basic research results.

Israel has a relative advantage regarding increasing yields in the dairy chain, mainly in the first stages of production: Feed, farm management, animal health, genetics and environment. All those will be expressed in the Summit's program, as will topics regarding other aspects of dairy.

We look forward to welcoming you to Israel in October 2014.

Mrs. Michal Kraus
President, Israel National Committee
President, Organizing Committee
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the upcoming IDF World Dairy Summit, that will take place in October 2014 in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Israel is one of the world's leaders in agricultural technology, and Tel Aviv-Yafo is the creative and innovative center of the Israeli Startup Nation. We take great pride in our cutting-edge inventions, innovative knowledge and creative solutions to many of the issues that concern that global agricultural sector. I hope you find our city inspiring for your conference.

When in Tel Aviv-Yafo, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the world's most exciting cities. Our historic zone, the White City, was recognized by UNESCO as a World Culture Heritage Site; we enjoy world-class nightlife, fine restaurants and cafes, a beautiful 14 kilometer coastline and great artistic institutions. Which means, you will have a lot to do between your official functions.

Looking forward to greeting you in Tel Aviv-Yafo!

Yours sincerely,

Ron Huldai
Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo
This year's IDF World Dairy Summit, programme embodies the theme of "The Future Begins Here”. A special emphasis will be put on the increasing efficiency of the dairy production chain focusing on the primary production issue in order to meet the future need of milk and milk products for the growing population around the world. Nevertheless, the other "traditional" topics of the IDF WDS will not be underestimated. Our goal is to stimulate the interest of diverse audiences, not only in their specific expertise, but also exposing them to different topics in the dairy industry. This will create a network of tangential issues which will enrich the existing knowledge.

This goal will be accomplished mainly by having interdisciplinary sessions, in which all participants will be encouraged to attend, as there will not be parallel sessions scheduled at the same time. Ample time will be dedicated to vibrant discussion panels, which will follow presentations of invited speakers in each session.

The programme, currently being developed, will include Poster Sessions, encouraging the participants to take an active role sharing their knowledge and ideas to develop and promote the world dairy industry for the future. In addition, a Call for Abstracts has been issued and I welcome all participants to submit their abstracts for the Summit.

As the Scientific Chairman of the IDF WDS 2014, I believe that your involvement is essential to the Summit's success and therefore, it is my honor to invite you to join us in the lovely city of Tel Aviv.

Kind regards,

Prof. Zeev Trainin
Chairman of the Scientific Committee