Israel Dairy Board


The dairy industry is one of the leading sectors in Israeli agriculture, and a source of pride to all Israelis. It supplies most of the domestic demand for milk and dairy products. The rest of the demand, about
20%, is covered by imported supplies.
In 2013, Israel had a total annual output of approx. 1,372 million liters of cow milk, 10.6 million liters of sheep milk and 14.3 million liters of goats milk. The annual value of products being processed is about $2.8 billion. The Israeli market is filled with over 1,000 different products which are healthy, innovative, tasty, and in line with other state-of-the-art
global dairy industries.
Milk is produced on 840 farms, spread countrywide. The national dairy herd is comprised of about 125,000 heads of the Israeli-Holstein breed, which has been developed by the Israeli genetic improvement
system. Since this breed has been selected for generations in the harsh conditions of the Israeli climate, it is very well adapted to the local environment - a long and hot summer and several endemic
diseases. All cows are bred by Artificial Insemination.
The Israeli cow has the highest national milk and milk solids yields in the world (production/cow/year). In 2013, the average annual milk yield per cow was 11,781 kg of milk, of which 3.26% is protein and 3.7% is fat.
I am pleased to present you with this summary of the Israeli Dairy
Industry for 2013. The Israeli Dairy Farm is known as a source of knowledge and prideall over the world.


Mrs. Michal Kraus
General Manager,
Israel Dairy Board

To generate and organize cooperation among entities active in the sector.
To implement government policy regarding milk production planning and
marking (including management of quotas).
To properly manage surplus milk.
To improve the professional standards of the dairy industry.
To promote the consumption of milk an dairy products.
To initiate and support research in topics related to the dairy industry.